13 Foods You Have to Try in Las Vegas

1. Pinkbox’s Cereal Donut: A local favorite, Pinkbox’s exclusive cereal donut! You won’t want to leave town without grabbing a box. Pinkbox has everything your little heart desires from cereal donuts to their famous churro donuts. Trust us, you might have 99 problems but getting a little cheat-day donut from Pinkbox definitely ain’t one! 

2. Tail & Fin’s Pineapple Poke Bowl: Out with the bowls, in with the pineapples! This gem is about 10 miles off the strip but definitely worth the drive. Tail & Fin’s menu was designed by Nobu’s former executive chef, Karu Wedhas. Full of color and flavor, Tail & Fin’s offers the bowl of your dreams. They also offer sushi burritos and even avocado bowls as well! 

3. Loftti Café’s Cotton Candy Latte:  This one is for all of our coffee lovers! A latte is basically a food group, right?? The famous Cotton Candy Latte from Loftti Café is like no other. Head to this cute little café for some fun drinks and unique desserts! Don’t leave without getting a CLOUD on top of your coffee!


4. Babystack’s Café Red Velvet Pancakes:  locally owned breakfast café, this place will not disappoint! Babystack’s serves one-of-a-kind American-Island infused breakfast options but are known specially for those vibrant red velvet pancakes. It’s 2017 and yes, we are still obsessed with everything red velvet! A must try if you haven’t already! 

5. Guy Fieri’s Trash Can Nachos:  If Guy Fieri is cooking it up, you know it’s good! Guy Fieri’s El Burro Burracho is famously known for their trashcan nachos. You know that awkward moment when you’re eating nachos and get to the bottom and suddenly all the toppings vanished and you’re left with dry chips? You won’t face that issue with these nachos. Mixed together and served out of a tin can, this is a one of a kind culinary experience. 

(Photo Credit: blog.caesars.com)

6. Holstein’s Boozy Milkshakes:  These milkshakes bring everybody to the yard! Covered, drenched, topped with goodies, and alcohol based?! What more can we ask for? Located at the Cosmopolitan, this place is your one stop shop for beer, burgers, and milkshakes. 

(Photo Credit: @feedyourgirlfriend)

7.  Jjanga’s Sushi Burger:  We’ve all seen the sushi burrito but have you seen the sushi burger? These “buns” are to die for! Jjanga specializes in sushi & steak and offers a unique brunch menu as well. This place is also open until 2 A.M. Perfect for those late night foodie runs!

(Photo Credit: @lasvegasfoodie)

8. Hash House A Go-Go’s Chicken & Waffles:  Hash House A Go-Go offers various exquisite meals however; nothing tops their Chicken & Waffles. Hash House has a few locations all located within 10 miles of the strip but as the chicken would say, it’s worth crossing the road for.

(Photo Credit: @hashhouseagogo)

9. Vegenation’s Save The Tuna Sushi: Vegenation is a unique, plant-based restaurant located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. The menu offers many delicious items but you’ll definitely have to try the “Save The Tuna” sushi. We must say it is quite the catch. 

(Photo Credit: @oiloil05)

10.  Forte Tapas:  As seen on the Food Network, Forte Tapas is a MUST visit when in Vegas and order an Adjarski Khachapurri….LOL. Yea, no one knows how to pronounce it, but no one cares.  Just go, show this pic & try it for yourself! This spot offers amazing eastern European food and is a local fave!

11. Metro Pizza’s Pasta PieMetro Pizza is definitely the hidden gem of all pizza places. Known for their amazing pizza pie. But, what you don’t know is that they have a PASTA PIE! Stuffed with ricotta cheese, mozzarella, ziti noodles, and their original tomato sauce. This dish is delish! If you’re a fan of pastas and pies, you won’t want to miss a slice of this.

12. SkinnyFat’s Poutine Benny:  SkinnyFats is a local restaurant offering a split menu, a happy side and a healthy side. While one side of the menu is healthy, the other is not so much. SkinnyFats is the place to be if you’re looking for a menu full of flavor. Our personal favorite is the “Poutine Benny”, an egg benedict with a Canadian twist.

(Photo Credit: @eatskinnyfats)

13. Panacea’s Burger and Fries:  Panacea is an organic plant-based restaurant you’ll definitely want to grab a bite of whether you’re a vegan or not. This place is definitely a game changer when it comes to burgers and shakes! Panacea is redefining the American burger and fries experience with their LOVE burger. 100% meat free & 100% delicious. 10/10 recommend!

(Photo Credit: @panaceavegas)



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